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Karl Blunt


The blade is ground freehand from a blank of 6150/51crv4 steel. It balances between the Gottfried and Günther in terms of handling.

The hilt accessories are also ground freehand from mild steel. We are letting some variance happen in the hilt accessories - this helps keeping the price manageable and the appearance authentic at the same time. The Nagel is a separate piece peened on the other side of the quillon block, as it should be. The quillons are slid downwards from the tip with the blade protruding in the bottom. Depending on the exact quillons we made, this protrusion may be ground flat or may be peened as seen on several originals. This seemingly strange direction of assembly is present on several original pieces. Another feature taken from historical pieces is the quillon block expanding a bit onto the grip.

The handmade grip slabs are affixed by gluing and a row of peened tubular brass rivets.

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Additional Info

Quillion length 115 mm

Blade length 720 mm

Overall length 890 mm

Point of balance 115 mm

Weight 813 grams